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Imagine having total peace of mind that your books are being handled properly and that you’re getting the numbers and data that you need. This allows you to work ON your business instead of being stuck working IN it. Astero Group is the modern virtual CFO services firm that can deliver that to you!

We help entrepreneurs grow their companies by providing a custom and automated action plan coupled with the absolute best accounting talent and technology. And we’re really friendly, too!

We are the reputable, outsourced accounting team that you can hire for less than the price of a full-time employee. We’re usually the firm people come to when they’ve outgrown their current bookkeeper/CPA firm and are ready to grow their business to the next level.

No one else is easier to work with. Our tech-savvy team of remote bookkeepers and CFOs are specially trained to connect you with your goals without eating your valuable time. We have done this successfully many, many times and can do the same for you.

What Do Our Clients Think?

“Astero Group implemented a dashboard and cash forecasting tool in week one. Our previous consultants had wasted money talking about doing something like this for several weeks before we let them go. Astero Group is a “get it done” group. My partner and I are extremely happy with them now, even months later.”

Leah M.

Founder/COO, Rest Group

“Astero has saved me so much time and headache. I used to stress about our books and whether I was even looking at the right numbers. We have a dedicated team of experts that completely manages everything that I dislike about [my] business. Our revenue has tripled since bringing them on because I can focus on sales.”


Founder, Undisclosed

“Conscientious, smart, hard-working, intellectually curious, and always with a customer-first/whatever-it-takes attitude, I have known Jim as an accounting and finance professional since he worked for my firm,… I can tell you Astero is just the kind of dependable, agile Swiss Army knife your business needs.”

William A. (“Bill”) Lederer

Former Founder, Chairman and CEO,

“Business is going to have many different types of waters to navigate… Jim has been someone who has been critical to me in helping to navigate all the different variables confidently by providing an accurate financial picture.”

“Why hire an in-house accountant and take on all of that when you can outsource, for less money than the in-house option, and you get an entire team backing up your books? There are a few companies doing what Astero Group does but I can’t imagine any of them doing a better job.”


CEO, Undisclosed

“I have worked with Jim for several years and have successfully referred Astero Group to many clients of ours. I recommend them to every business who wants to remove the pain points in their accounting processes and get a full upgrade”

Rodney B. Bolton MS, SPHR

Founder, HR Bizz

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“​As an entrepreneur myself, it all changed for me once I started doubling down on my strengths and outsourcing my weaknesses.”

Jim Miller, Founder/CEO, Astero Group

Jim is a widely-recognized CFO and entrepreneur with more than two decades of accounting and profitability experience. He has successfully driven and led teams from startups to billion dollar brands and is an award-winning personal finance author. Click here to learn more about Jim Miller. Non-clients can connect with Jim for 15-minute strategy sessions by clicking here.

What We do

We’ve found that providing a full back-office team of specialists tends to be more beneficial than hiring a person internally with a limited skill set. This is the new way of doing accounting. Our modern approach combines the latest cloud-based systems, paperless processes and a knowledgeable, proactive team of experts who help lift the burden of running a business. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Protect You

Use Astero Group’s bookkeeping, CFO and/or tax services to help you be compliant and ahead of your numbers. Let us be sure proper internal controls are in place throughout your business.

Get You Good Numbers

Daily, weekly, monthly or annually, Astero Group knows what you need to successfully manage your business. From cash forecasting and KPI’s to monthly reporting, we are the experts in this field.

Save You Time

Let us handle your books to level-up compliance and to save money come tax time. Using the best technology and A.I. to get your books ready for you or your CFO. Ask us about going paperless!

Save You Money

We have some of the top tax accountants and CPAs in the country ready to handle your returns both during and prior to tax time. Because a tax accountant that doesn’t engage with you until the tax year is over is not actually helping you.

See the Future

We budget forecast on both your P&L and Balance Sheet accounts and make this process simple. Bring us in to handle forecasting for you. Forecasting doesn’t need to be an awful process when you have an experienced team helping you.

Profitability Coaching

Astero Group exists to help your business grow by offering strategies to increase profitability such as our popular Financial Health Report. This is a popular choice for business leaders wanting to test out having a fractional CFO.


We have a wide menu of services, packages and technologies that we provide to our clients. Rather than set pricing expectations that may not match your unique situation, we’d love you to reach out and go through our discovery process. At that point, we can present you with prices and options that work best for your needs. While some firms may be cheaper, few have the experience, abilities or depth to keep your stress low and get things right the first time.

What we can tell you right now is that when you outsource your accounting to Astero Group, you only pay for the services delivered. We don’t have offices, executive teams, travel expenses, big marketing expenses or suites at the stadium. Everything we do is remote, so just top-notch accounting services without any of the overhead. And all pricing is on a fixed-monthly basis so you will never receive a surprise bill!

If you’re unhappy with your current accounting person, your biggest cost will be the cost of inaction. If you don’t have a top-tier team like Astero Group doing your books, you are at high-risk for penalties, fees and all kinds of awfulness. Click the Let’s Talk button below and let’s hear your situation. The feedback is free for you to take whether or not you become a client.

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