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The Astero Triangle: Keeping CEOs Out Of the Daily Grind

Business owners: How can your company grow if you are overloaded with the daily goings-on of your business? Micro decisions on purchases, sales problems, inventory issues and everyday employee matters. If this at all sounds like a typical day for you, then every day you are being pulled away from what you should be doing and missing opportunities to grow your business. Worse, you risk losing it altogether. Fortunately there is a better path and we illustrate this using what we call the Astero Triangle.

Having the business owner or CEO focused on the daily grind is not a scalable model. People should be managed by systems and systems should be managed by leadership. You, the business owner, need to focus on nothing but the vision and growing the company.

What we at Astero Group have learned from decades of experience is that this suffering is not unusual. In fact, it’s common. If you feel overwhelmed, because you need to be part of every decision, then keep reading or miss out on the opportunity to change everything.

The Need to Lead

In the old days, experts would hear about an owner being overloaded and would conclude that there were delegation problems. And there could be a little bit of that going on. Leaders need to delegate, and we recommend giving employees dollar amounts that they can make decisions up to as a way to build trust. Leaders then monitor how things are going using weekly KPI’s. And only if the data indicates a problem does leadership need to get involved.

The goal is to prevent you, the business owner, from getting pulled into daily decisions, so you can focus on increasing revenue. Best of all, this allows employees to take on more responsibility, so they have more authority and feel more passionate about their achievements. If you have a connected and empowered staff, you will have happier customers and better results. 

Speaking of revenue, Astero Group helps you keep as much of it as possible. We do that via fractional accounting and part time CFOs. Identifying and structuring systems to redesign how your overall company functions can be part of that same goal.

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep.”

— Robert T. Kiyosaki

Okay, so we need to pull you out of the weeds, but what the heck is this triangle I keep seeing!

The Astero Triangle

To illustrate everything we’re talking about above, we created the Astero Triangle. The Astero Triangle is the model for success that we implement for our top clients.

At the top of the triangle, we have you, the owner, creating the vision of the company. You are steering the ship in the center of it all. In THE ZONE. The zone is that place where time slows down just a little and clarity is like a superpower. Think of that scene in the Matrix when Neo figured out that he was “the one” and effortlessly overtook the bad agents… he was in the zone. When you’re in the zone you have room to breathe and room to dream big outside of the office. 

The remaining two corners around you represent all of the processes and systems within your business. Leaders manage the systems with reports, meetings with key people and KPI’s. When the systems are designed properly, they will manage the people for you. 

For example, instead of needing to spend hours with a salesperson on decisions that will impact the profitability of a project, she will be monitoring her deal’s profit margins herself and won’t cave in to giving away that free thing, because she knows that she won’t get a commission if the job isn’t profitable. That is one system. The job turns out profitable because of the multiple systems that are in place.

Astero Triangle

As you can see in the Astero Triangle model, we compartmentalize all of the complexities of your business. We then work with you to implement systems and sequencing to manage each triangle. 

Systems & Sequencing

In order to get this setup for you, we will first define the systems required to get you in the zone. Systems are the processes for the various functions of your business. We then create the sequencing. Sequencing refers to the ordered stages that collectively form the systems. You cannot have systems without the proper sequencing and without the proper sequencing you will not have proper systems. You don’t want to have cereal without the milk. Or ham with no burger!

What To Do Now

The Astero Triangle is a simplified visual of what we can do to make your organization more successful. But the internal workings can be quite complex. And that’s why Astero Group is the best partner for you in this. After all, we invented this system. 

Click here to contact us today and to setup your free, 30-minute consultation to see if we’re a good match. Literally nothing to lose. Our consultations are rarely free and we are only accepting four new clients this quarter. 

P.S. – Don’t let the stress of the daily tasks waste your time when they don’t need to. Don’t let your business burn you out. Don’t let your business die. Contact us now for a completely free phone consultation and tell us about your business. There is no cost here and nothing to lose. We’re not in the business of wasting time. Send us a message today.

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