Fractional Accounting

What Is Fractional Accounting and Is It Best for Your Company?

Running a small or medium business requires maintaining a tight grip on budget, personnel, and resources. However, all businesses need trustworthy accounting services. To get the most from a professional accounting service for your company without the overhead of hiring a team or individual for the process full time, consider integrating fractional accounting services.

What Is Fractional Accounting?

With fractional accounting services, your company does not incur the costs of having a full-time accountant, controller, or CFO. In fact, you only pay for a fraction of a full-time employee’s salary based on the time the outsourced controller spends on your accounts. Think of it as hiring an accounting consultant on a part-time basis to help out where needed.

How Can Fractional Accounting Help Your Business?

Fractional accounting allows your business to access the same high-end financial services of larger corporations. How? You only pay for the time that the professionals work instead of needing to maintain a full-time accounting department. By cutting costs without reducing the return on services, you save money that you can reinvest into business growth.

Why You Should Consider Fractional Accounting

While large businesses have the luxury of keeping full-time accountants on staff, your company may not have the means to keep up with the salary and benefits of such a position, especially during the early and middle stages of growth.

However, you still need accounting services to keep up with AP and AR management, credit card reconciliations, and more. Therefore, not having someone to handle these tasks is not an option, either.

To save money, choose a consultant that offers these general accounting services on a fractional time basis. Plus, with some consulting companies, such as Astero Group, you get more than general business accounting services.

What Astero Group Fractional Accounting Can Do for Your Company 

At Astero Group, we provide analysis, budgeting, forecasting, fraud prevention, financial protection, and more. Plus, we have much less overhead than our competition. For more information about our services, contact us at Astero Group for a free consultation.

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